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“Predict, Prevent & Protect your Endpoint from Threats for 24/7”

PRIME – Threat Insights Platform (TIP) is an Endpoint Protection with Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service that provides 24/7 threats monitoring by the Professional Detection & Response Team and equipped with BlackBerry Protect/Optics, an AI & Machine Learning-based solution for real-time threat protection

Real-time Threat Protection
Equipped The Leading Endpoint Security solution with AI & Machine Learning-based platform
PRIME - TIP use an AI & Machine Learning-based Endpoint Protection for protecting your endpoint from Unknown & Known malware. By leveraging artificial intelligence, malware can be detected and prevented in real time – before it even executes. No signatures. More predictability. Less hassle.
Discover Critical Malware-Info
Include IOC (C2, registry, process, files) for critical malware such as ransomware, rootkit and cryptominer
If prevented file is the critical malware such as ransomware, rootkit and cryptominer, PRIMACS threat research team will provide the urgent report that include Indicator of Compromise or IOC (such as C2, registry, process, file) so that it can be integrated with your existing security platform
Around-The-Clock Threat
Let The Professional “Detection & Response” Team monitoring your Endpoints security status for 24/7
Threats is never sleep and don't wait until office hours. PRIMACS Detection & Response Team monitors your Endpoints 24x7, triaging alerts, tracing threats, correlating data, facilitating remediation, and keeping you informed every step of the way via PRIME - TIP Console.
Threat Report
Provide you with rich information about threats inside your Organization
All files that were scored by AI will be analyzed by PRIMACS threat research team. Detailed malware category & exact information will be provided including some descriptions. Report will be provided in weekly and monthly basis thru PRIME - TIP Console.

"Don't wait until the attackers exist, 
Let's prevent it""

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