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ICS Scada Security Training

ICS/SCADA Security

Build up an advanced cyber defense capabilities for SCADA & Industrial Control System through consulting, training, assessment & pen-test based on our cyber security techniques & experiences. 

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What is ICS/SCADA Training?

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As the internet and automation are adapted in the industrial world, ICS/SCADA systems are mandatory nowadays. Daily-used automation systems such as elevators, automated doors, and big facilities such as nuclear power plants and dams are all vulnerable to hacking, which may result in economic loss.

As if Iran experienced the Stuxnet incident, in which a Uranium facility was attacked, industrial systems and automated machines are open to hackers. In this course, you can simulate various hacking scenarios on the testbed and may understand how hackers attack industrial systems. By doing so, you will be able to secure your own ICS/SCADA system!

Why ICS/SCADA Training?

  1. Apa itu ICS/OT Security dan mengapa penting bagi perusahaan? Bagaimana cara meningkatkan keamanan ICS/OT di perusahaan? Apa saja tantangan yang dihadapi dalam keamanan ICS/OT? Cara memilih solusi keamanan ICS/OT yang tepat untuk perusahaan? Tren keamanan ICS/OT terbaru di Indonesia? Cara mengurangi risiko keamanan pada sistem ICS/OT perusahaan? Pentingnya pelatihan dan sertifikasi untuk keamanan ICS/OT di Indonesia? Bagaimana peran ICS/OT Security dalam keamanan siber nasional? Cara melakukan audit keamanan pada sistem ICS/OT? Bagaimana cara mendeteksi serangan keamanan pada sistem ICS/OT? Mengapa perusahaan harus memperhatikan keamanan sistem ICS/OT? Apa saja ancaman keamanan terbaru yang mengincar sistem ICS/OT di Indonesia? Cara membangun program keamanan ICS/OT yang efektif di perusahaan? Bagaimana kerentanan sistem ICS/OT dapat dimanfaatkan oleh para penyerang? Tren regulasi terbaru terkait keamanan ICS/OT di Indonesia? Bagaimana cara mengelola risiko keamanan ICS/OT? Apa saja teknologi terbaru yang digunakan dalam keamanan ICS/OT? Cara meningkatkan kesiapan respons atas insiden keamanan pada sistem ICS/OT? Mengapa pengujian keamanan sistem ICS/OT penting dan bagaimana cara melakukannya? Tren dan perkembangan keamanan ICS/OT di Indonesia dan dunia?

Who should take this course?

People 4
People 5
People 6
People 1
People 2
People 3

OT Engineers


system managers

Automated Facility
Security Manager

Network Managers

IT Technicians

Security Professionals

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