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Mobile Apps Security


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Mobile Application Vulnerability Analysis Service

AppChecker will analyze everything, not only what you are concerning,
but also what you don’t even think about yet.

Static and Dynamic Diagnosis
Vulnerability analysis will be done by multiple layers of diagnosis. Automatically & manually.
AppChecker performs two types of diagnosis. It uses an automatic tool for static vulnerability analysis, and dynamic vulnerability will be analyzed by manual diagnosis testing. You will be able to make sure your application is safe.
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Realistic Diagnosis based on Mock-hacking Methodology
Realistic diagnsis based on practical examines will give you the most reliable analysis.
App Checker not only performs a common diagnosis but also practices a real hacking mechanism to see what actual problems are existing. Based on our professional skill sets from our white hacking group, your application will be examined professionally.
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OWASP Mobile Top 10 and Financial level Check List
Uptight standards from broad project experiences will never give any unseen problem.
AppChecker practices vulnerability analysis based on global and market-proven standards. While OWASP Mobile Top 10 and financial-level security standards are handling as a core part, it also tests on our own checklist made from many project experiences.
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Broad Coverage for Diverse Environmental Factors
Any device, O/S, application, and environment will be in its scope.
AppChecker is capable to test for diverse coverage, such as tons of device types, O/S versions, application types, and various environmental factors. Just let it takes care of everything for you.
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Experienced Professionals from Many Projects
Groups of specialists who have done it overtimes are ready for you.
AppChecker is backed up by our professional specialists. They have white hacking skill sets that contain hacker’s viewpoints. It will make your application to obtain robust preparation.
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"Don't wait until the attackers exist, 
Let's prevent it""

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