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We are a Cyber Security
Solution & Services provider in Indonesia 

3 cups



Represents multidimensional data and secure from all angles.

It also represents solid.

2 tbsp.


1½ cups


PT Prima Cyber Solusi Logo
PT Prima Cyber Solusi Logo

Red & Blue

Represents the color of the 2 stakeholders.

The "P","C","S"

Represents the company name "Prima Cyber Solusi".

Hence, it combined like a cube.

Circuit Line

Represents technology company.

PT Prima Cyber Solusi (PCS) is a joint venture cyber security company between PT Informasi Netta Markindo and NSHC Pte. Ltd. Focus on protecting your business from massive and devastating impacts that cyber-attacks may cause. 

Logo Informasi Netta Markindo

PT Informasi Netta Markindo (INM) was established since 1998 by local IT Indonesia professionals and evolve into Cyber Security Company. Through the years, INM made its step to be the leader in cyber security in Indonesia market for marrying domain experience and cyber expertise, thus qualifies INM as a trustable solution provider for the better and safer cyber environment for all needing sectors.


NSHC started as an underground hacker group and developed into an information protection company since 2003. Since 2010, it has expanded its business areas by developing information security solutions and providing security vulnerability information to provide consulting services | Solution | We have grown into a smart security company with even three beats, including information provision.

Group of Sister Company

Logo Neo Esensial Teknologi

Neo Esensial Teknologi provide cloud wifi system in Indonesian Market together with Xcom Global Inc. Japan. Expanding their solution by focusing in Artificial Intelligent & Mobile Device Management.

Logo Netmarks Indonesia

Netmarks Indonesia is an IT solution provider company in Indonesia and has been committed to serve its customer for more than 22 years. Now expanding the solution to iCRAVER (IoT, Cloud, RPA, Artificial Intelligence/A.I, Virtual Assistant/ Chatbot, E-Learning/ LMS, Reality/ Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality).

Logo Infinys System Indonesia

The true cloud company. ISI is focusing on providing cloud in Indonesia.

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