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Cyber Defence

Bringing together the best industry practices and latest technologies in cybersecurity, we have designed the next-generation Cyber Defence device that is proactive, robust and most importantly invisible to intruders.

Invisiron Graphic

Enterprises are increasingly challenged with cyber security threats

Invisiron challenge 1
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Limitations of currently outdated network security solution

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Increasing number of cyber threats with evolving techniques

Invisiron challenge 2

Lack of workforce and limited budget for cybersecurity

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Cyber Defence

Growing importance of proactive cyber defence 

A limited number of cyber defence specialists and budget constraints pose high risks to enterprises



Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise


Avg. Spending

Graphic 29%

~ 29% spend less than $ 1,000 annually

Graphic 93%

~ 93% spend USD 0,25M - 1M per year on cybersecurity

Increased risks from cyber threats


IT Manpower

Graphic 73%

~ 73% do not have a separate information security function

Graphic 33%

~ 33% do not have a separate information security function


0-3 professionals, limted bandwidth to investigate cybersecurity issues


5-10 professionals with specialized roles (i.e. threat intelligence, penetration testing)

Lack of workforce and limited budget

Limitations of legacy solutions

Our Platform

Invisiron Platform

Why Invisiron?

Why Invisiron 1

Our Cyber Defence platform is certified with the International Common Criteria Certification.

Why Invisiron 2

We have a proactive Cyber Defence platform with Auto Threat Mitigation.

Why Invisiron 3

Our solutions are plug-and-play which do not require any changes to existing IT infrastructure networks.

Why Invisiron 4

Our stealth Cyber Defence technology is completely invisible to hackers when deployed.

Why Invisiron 5

An in-line Cyber Defence platform that does not impact internet bandwidth performance.

Case Studies

A Malaysian Debt Recovery Operations Company Protected From Pitou Ransomware Case

We are the First and Last Line of Defence.

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