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A reliable cyber security services and solutions

We are ready to secure your business

Take action against the world’s most challenging cybersecurity threats through full utilization of cutting edge security technologies,

supported by experienced and skilled cyber practitioners.

PRIMACS Solutions


Web Security is a Web Application Firewall that will make sure there is no harmful accessing and connecting to your web service

Mobile Apps Security solution provide vulnerability analysis & anti-hacking for your mobile application against dynamic hacking attacks and  various threats

SOC as a Service is a SOC solution that will help your organization to prevent, detect & respond for any threats or attacks for 24/7

Endpoint Security provides Endpoint Protection with Managed Detection & Response (MDR) that protect your endpoint devices with an AI platform as well as 24/7 real-time monitoring

PRIMACS Services

Prime Cyber Intelligence Service will provide you with intelligence service about Cyber Security trends, 0-day vulnerability on IT & OT systems, Malware, APT Group profiling, Credentials leaked, and many more from Deep Web & Dark Web! 

We are specialized in security consulting for IT & OT infrastructure. We have experience performing penetration testing for IT (Web Apps, Network Infra, Mobile Apps) & OT (ICS/SCADA) systems with 15 years of experience

Prime Academy of Cyber Security is our training service for cyber security. Our curriculum framework is aligned to industry requirements and formulated by practitioners and researchers on the ground

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