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Prima Cyber Solusi_Presentation Template
DeepWeb & DarkWeb Monitoring System

Collect Deep Web data and take action on emerging patterns, threats and opportunities before your competition does

Real-time DeepWeb & DarkWeb Monitoring
  • Automated and analyst-based Identifying for sources
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Forums
  • Black Market
  • Leaked Data & P2P
  • IRC
  • Telegram, KakaoTalk & WhatsApp
  • Social Media & Etc.
AML Check of Cryptocurrency Deposit
Raw Data Collection & Analysis
Natural Language Processing
  • Find key topics and gain insights
  • Multi Language Analytics Service
  • Linked with Chainalysis Module
  • AI-Based AML Check system
Profiling & Cross-domain Analysis
  • Automated IoC monitoring & Multi-domain linking analysis (21 kinds of Indicator Information for profiling)
  • 0-day Cyber Weapon pack for the Well-known Application of Dark-Web
  • Anonymous Investigation and Profiling Virtual machine Provider
  • Expand Visibility of the Dark Web
  • Virustotal API Integrated
  • Maltego Transform Module (API)
DarkTracer Features

"Don't wait until the attackers exist, 
Let's prevent it"

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