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Integrated Security Monitoring
Threats never sleep endanger your organization, let us do security monitoring for you
PRISM is a 24/7 365 days of remote security monitoring for your organization IT environment by correlating all the logs collected from any device inside your organization.
Network Threats
Detection and Response
​Make sure no threat is hiding inside your network, expose the threat before they expose your data
PRISM use network data capture to find threats that put organizations at risk. With visibility inside your network, you can detect and monitor emerging threats, and furthermore for forensic investigations.
Vulnerability Management
Regularly discover your weakness point by doing vulnerability assessment
​PRISM equipped with vulnerability management features that can enhanced defense capacity by proactively discovering a weakness / vulnerabilities across organization network. By doing so, you can get the resolution for protection.
Incident Response & Management
Get quick response to reduce the impact of breached & data loss
PRISM provides qualified incident response & management based on globally approved guidelines. Investigating and responding to any threats, from the identification of the threats, in-depth analysis, until validation of the incidents (valid or false positive).
Mobile Apps Monitoring System
Incident notifications and connect to our Security Analyst Team in real-time thru Mobile Apps
PRISM provides monitoring system thru Mobile Apps for notifications about threats & incident in real-time. Then ask anytime our Security Analyst team regarding your problems.
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"Don't wait until the attackers exist, 
Let's prevent it""

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